Minor Defense

Identity protection for minors with industry-leading monitoring, verification alerts, and fraud resolution

How to Enroll in Minor Defense

Get started in three simple steps

You just received a notification letter in the mail informing you that your child is eligible for Minor Defense because their information was exposed in a breach

Enroll in Minor Defense by following the link below

Once you have created an account, input the code provided on the letter to redeem a free ten-year subscription to Minor Defense Pro

How Minor Defense Works

Designed to help protect children from identity theft


Minor Defense monitors and processes billions of pieces of information by proactively scanning for suspicious activity that could indicate risk for the minor.


As custodian of the minor’s account, the parent/guardian will receive an alert should a threatening event occur, thereby allowing swift action.


In the event of a minor’s identity theft, a dedicated case manager will assist the impacted individual in recovering the minor’s personal information.

Proven Solutions to Protect Minor’s Personal Information

Minor Synthetic Identity Monitoring

Monitors for evidence of the minor’s SSN being used in combination with a credit file at one or more of the credit bureaus to create a synthetic identity.

Public Record Trace

Monitors for use of the minor's SSN in public records such as criminal arrest records, property transactions, utility accounts, and firearm licenses.

Dark Web Monitoring

Tracks and alerts when personal information is found on the dark web – such as black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums.

Victim Assistance

Our team of Identity Theft Recovery Specialists offers immediate remediation assistance.

Managing Your Child’s Account

Once you have enrolled your child in their account, you will be able to manage the settings and alerts at all times. Minor Defense will monitor all your child’s personal information and send you immediate alerts if we identify anything suspicious. Within your child’s account, you can update your child’s information so that we can stay up-to-date and ensure that we provide the best protection possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are identified as someone who is included in the K.B. (minor) through Joan Blank et al. v. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Association, Inc. (Case No. C2LA0081; Circuit Court for Anderson County at Clinton Tennessee) class action settlement. Accordingly, you are eligible to receive ten years of free monitoring services from Minor Defense.
If you need help, please contact Minor Defense at 800.839.5215.
No, Minor Defense is a complimentary service. The minor will receive 120 months of free service. However, if the minor were to turn eighteen-years-old during the Minor Defense service term, he/she would convert to our SecureStart product and receive the balance of the service term from SecureStart. For example, if the minor were to turn eighteen-years-old seven years after enrolling in Minor Defense, he/she would receive the remaining three years of service from SecureStart, which we engineered for “newly minted adults.”
Ninety days prior to the minor’s eighteenth birthday, we will send the minor’s parent/guardian an email notice informing them that Minor Defense will be canceled on the minor’s eighteenth birthday, but that the minor will receive an opportunity to sign up for an adult-focused monitoring product called SecureStart for the remainder of the minor’s original complimentary service term. A second, follow-up email will be sent to the minor’s parent/guardian on his/her eighteenth birthday, and it will include a link to sign up for SecureStart, a monitoring product created specifically for individuals who have recently reached the age of maturity – at no cost.

SecureStart provides bank account monitoring, dark web monitoring, alternative loan monitoring, and Social Security Trace. We will send that second email and sign-up link for SecureStart on the minor’s eighteenth birthday, at the time we cancel his/her Minor Defense service. The service term for SecureStart will expire 120 months from the date on which the minor enrolled in Minor Defense.
Your subscription to Minor Defense will automatically cease at the end of the complimentary 120-month term unless you choose to switch to the paid version of Minor Defense. You will be asked to input a credit card number only if you choose to switch to the paid version of Minor Defense following the conclusion of your complimentary service term.
You will need to provide your child’s name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and any known online accounts that contain their personal information.
If you have questions regarding the breach itself or the class action settlement, please contact the Settlement Administrator at 833.747.6027.
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