Minor Defense

Identity protection for minors with industry-leading monitoring, verification alerts, and fraud resolution

Man with his son on computer with Minor Shield SSN Trace Monitoring Alert

How Minor Defense Works

Protect your child's future – today


Minor Defense monitors and processes billions of pieces of information by proactively scanning for suspicious activity that could indicate risk for the minor.


As custodian of the minor's account, the parent/guardian will receive an alert should a threatening event occur, thereby allowing swift action.


In the event of a minor’s identity theft, a dedicated case manager will assist the impacted individual in recovering the minor’s personal information.

Proven Solutions to Protect Minors’ Personal Information

Minor Synthetic Identity Monitoring

Monitors for evidence of the minor’s SSN being used in combination with a credit file at one or more of the credit bureaus to create a synthetic identity. CyEx does not require exposure of the minor’s personal information or the creation of a credit file for the minor.

Public Record Trace

Monitors for use of the minor's SSN in public records such as criminal arrest records, property transactions, utility accounts, and firearm licenses.

Dark Web Monitoring

Tracks and alerts when personal information is found on the dark web – such as black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums.

Victim Assistance

Our team of Identity Theft Recovery Specialists offers immediate remediation assistance.

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