Data Breach Readiness

A proactive incident response plan that can help your company save time and minimize the impact of a data breach – before it occurs.

Is your business prepared?

If your business holds information about your operations, your customers, your patients, your clients, or your employees, then you have information that is valuable and, as such, is at risk for a data breach. In fact, data breach in today’s world is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if your valuable information will be exposed, but when.

Smart organizations are increasingly focusing on proactively identifying data breaches and preparing to deal with them before they happen. Ensuring your company is able to quickly respond in the face of a data breach has become critical to business continuity and long-term growth.

How to prepare your company with a Breach Readiness Program

CyEx is wholly dedicated to providing innovative, proactive business solutions that tackle data breach incidents. Think of us as an invaluable addition to your team – a seasoned recruit, a coach, a deep bench.

Preparation is key, but how – and how quickly – companies put their plans into action after a data breach has a significant impact on the end result. CyEx has assisted thousands of organizations with preparing and responding to data breaches. With your Breach Readiness Program, you have unlimited access to CyEx’s Data Breach team, who understand that time is of the essence.

As soon as you notify us that a data breach has occurred, we step in and assist your organization with:

Advantages of a response plan 

Save time and money

Using a stand-by retainer agreement, our Breach Readiness Program offers an extensive incident response plan to help you save time and minimize the impact of a data breach.

Reduce stress and confusion

We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring that you’re fully prepared in the event of a breach.

Protect your business

A data breach can be devastating, but weathering the storm while maintaining brand integrity and customer loyalty is possible. It simply takes the right partners and careful planning – before an incident occurs.

Our team of experts is standing by to answer questions and help you get started.

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