Respond to a data breach with accurate, compliant, and swift notifications. Keep stakeholders informed to bring the incident to a successful resolution.

Create and deliver compliant incident notifications with ease

A data breach often impacts or involves the most important stakeholders in your business: customers, employees, clients, investors and/or partners. Concise, informative, and compliant communication to the impacted groups and individuals is a key component of any data breach remediation.

At CyEx, we understand the complexities involved in providing incident notification.

Our managed notification services can help your organization navigate these challenges.

Our capabilities cover all facets of incident notification, including data standardization, cleansing, duplication removal, printing, inserting, sorting, mail prep, version management, and return mail handling. We partner with our clients and their response teams to ensure cost-efficient and timely notification.

Create custom notifications

Ensure notification messages that meet the federal and state legal requirements under which your company operates. Our dedicated CyEx breach team is well equipped to work in tandem with counsel informing and drafting incident notifications that are accurate and appropriate. 

Deliver error-free notifications

Get the broadest and most accurate mail and email delivery with our data cleaning services. We administer a pristine distribution file that guarantees your notifications reach all impacted individuals and stakeholders on time.

Flexible delivery options 

Incident notification can be provided via standard or First Class mail. Or, if mailing notifications is not the most appropriate method, email and alternate notification methods can be designed collaboratively.

Distribute redemption codes with operational speed and efficiency

Send single-use redemption codes for your chosen solution to eligible impacted individuals. Our proprietary generation and tracking protocol can create and assign up to ten million randomly-generated redemption codes per day, restricted only to approved recipients.

Save time and money with cutting-edge printing and distribution processes

Present a professional image by using the highest-quality materials for your notifications. Our state-of-the-art printers, inserters, and postal sorting capabilities will maximize time and cost efficiencies.

Track the delivery and success of the operation

Receive ongoing reports for mail counts and undeliverable mail to ensure that all impacted individuals are notified appropriately.

Our team of experts is standing by to answer questions and help you get started.

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