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Identity Defense

Credit Monitoring

Monitors abnormal or suspicious activity regarding your Credit activity. 

Dark Web

Scans the Dark Web for any suspicious activity and sends an alert to customers. 

Change of Address Monitoring

Scans and sends alerts if a change of address is detected on your account. 

Victim Assistance

Provides real-time assistance to customers if they become a victim of Identity Theft. 

High-Risk Transaction Monitoring

Monitors personal information associated with High-Risk Transactions. 

Real-time Alerts

Alerts are sent immediately once suspicious activity has been detected.

Medical Shield


Monitors medical and healthcare data to determine whether consumer’s private medical information is at risk or has been exposed to medical fraud. 


Alerts are sent in real-time when suspicious activity is detected so that action can be taken before it is too late. 


In the event of fraud, a dedicated case manager will assist in recovering the personal information. 

$1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance

Policy covers eligible losses due to medical identity theft including the theft of healthcare insurance plan ID and health saving account with no deductible. 

Minor Defense


Minor Defense Monitors any suspicious activities that could indicate a risk for the minor. If a leak is found on the Dark Web or in any form an Alert will be sent out to the Adult member of the account. 


As a custodian of the Minors account, the parent or guardian will receive an alert notification when a threatening event has occurred. This will prompt swift action. 

If you have lost your code or you are experiencing difficulties with the code please contact us here.

Financial Shield

Financial Shield looks beyond your credit data providing comprehensive features using near real-time monitoring and tools to help protect your most important financial assets.

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