Privacy Shield proactively protects from fraud by monitoring a broad array of assets on the dark web

How Privacy Shield Works


Internet connection is encrypted and passwords are secured with Privacy Shield's industry-leading VPN and Password Manager


Privacy Shield provides proactive protection from fraud by monitoring a broad array of assets on the dark web


In the event of financial fraud, a dedicated case manager will be assigned to assist in restoring the compromised assets.


Alerts are sent in near real-time when a potential threat – such as a compromised password – is detected on the dark web.

Proven Solutions to Protect Privacy & Anonymity

Data Broker Opt Out

Privacy Shield automatically requests that data brokers remove personal information, thereby allowing customers to control their privacy.


A virtual private network encrypts data and creates a secure connection between a device and a remote server. This connection masks IP addresses and prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on traffic. 

Password Manager

Password Manager makes it easy to secure online accounts and access strong passwords across multiple devices.

Private Search

This search engine does not collect or store personally identifiable information, ensuring that searches remain anonymous. By not tracking users, Private Search prevents the creation of personalized profiles for targeted advertising.

Digital Vault

Digital Vault allows you to securely store your most important digital files and easily share them with family members.

Dark Web Monitoring

Tracks and and alerts when personal information is listed for sale on the dark web – such as black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums.

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